Parker 750 CC


Parker 750 CC, is the debut boat in a conceptually new line of motor boats from the Parker shipyard. The designer of this model tried to combine the advantages of RIB type boats and cruising boats. To this end, the boat’s hull was made as a deep V with an angle of slightly less than 22° at the transom. A double cheekbone system was used to make the boat more stable, and the bowl-shaped redans in the profile allow even a 150-power engine to lift the hull out of the water and accelerate the boat to 35 knots. According to calculations, with a 250 hp engine, the boat will be able to overcome the 45 knot barrier. Within the limit, 350 hp can be installed and more than 50 knots will then await.

Price from 2021, boat is out of production – check out the new Quicksilver boats.