We’ve worked diligently over the years to develop great relations with our customers and we’re proud to have so many repeat customers and referrals.

Much of our business has always come from word-of-mouth, and we’re honored to be so highly regarded by folks in the community.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Patrick Kite 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

In today’s world it is hard to find companies to be true to their word. Marine Outboards For Sale team is honest, fair, and do what they say they are going to do. I buy new 250 HP Suzuki about 2 months ago along with many other extras they helped to facilitate (new electronics, new vinyl, new T-Top). They continue to do the maintenance on the boat every year and be a valuable source of knowledge when needed.

Wayne Crisco 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Great guys!! Always been there for me. Always. Keep me on the water. Highly recommend them.

Romulus Whitaker 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

The service is excellent and the people are first class.

Anonymous 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

did lots of research before I purchased Yamaha 70 HP 4 stroke Marine Outboard Motor was fantastic to work with 4 years latter never a hint of a problem except this unit is so quiet sometimes I forget to turn it off at the dock If you live in the Northern Neck these are the folks to trade with, family owned business that treats you like family.

Eric 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Good morning Albert Ariotti – Thank you again for the wonderful experience, the entire team was great. Thank you again for helping with this. I will get you some pictures soon!

Phillip 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

What a great group! I chose Marine Outboards For Sale based on the reviews I read and from my family, and was happy I did. I could not have wanted a better buying experience and urge anyone needing anything marine related to give Marine Outboards For Sale your business.

Angela 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

My husband and I drove 4 hours to buy our Yamaha Outboard and we would do it all over again. The customer service and pricing was excellent! Albert Ariotti and the rest of the crew were more than helpful to us as first time outboard buyers! Thanks so much!

John 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Marine Outboards For Sale – – – The BEST Buying Experience I have ever made on any purchase of any kind.

Jim 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Thank you for everything. Your company is a first class act. I am so pleased that we purchased from you’all. Thanks for the great outboards.

Jan 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Thanks Marine Outboards For Sale. The best outboards buying experience I’ve ever had. Very helpful and professional!!!

Bill 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Hi, Folks! We tested my new Yamaha 250 yesterday and it’s wonderful! This motor will make my sailing days much easier and much more fun. I thank you for your great customer service and your friendliness! But, you have definitely made a new customer out of me and I will pass on my compliments of you to my friends in the Coast Guard Auxiliary (Callao). Thanks again!

Ray Paula 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

We just got back from our test ride with Albert. He did a great job and is very professional. We like the outboard. Thanks.

Quincy 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

I’ve purchased three outboards from Marine Outboards For Sale and each time the experience has been fantastic. The sales, repair, and parts people have always been responsive and I felt like I was a part of their family.

Pat 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Thanks Marine Outboards For Sale for a terrific buying experience. Being a long distance customer, I had some initial concerns, but Albert delivered in every way. It is refreshing to deal with such straight forward people.

Hughes Family 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Just a THANK YOU for a perfectly WONDERFUL experience buying a outboard from your place. It was and IS the best thing that ever happened to my husband. All the people at your fine establishment are great – – TOP NOTCH!! We got A-1 treatment and LOVE the beautiful Triumph. We highly recommend you to everyone. Thanks, The Hughes Family PS My husband says My wife is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Rodney Blaylock 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

I purchased a F200XB. The staff was very informative on there products that I was interested in. They didn’t try to push sales on me, just tried to help with what I was interested in. I would recommend this group, for their commitment that they give. Thanks Guys

Kilvin Griffin 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“I purchased my outboard 150LA from Marine Outboards For Sale! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! I always recommend you guys!!! Thanks for all you do!!!” – G.C.

Bob Woithe 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Well priced, quick delivery, and a pleasure to work with. I had my outboard in hand before the promised date and my boat back on the water by the weekend.

jason Coker 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Exceptional service , fast shipping and great quality outboard ! Thanks

Bill 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Great pricing and fast shipping for Tohatsu outboard, Thanks!

Jim Costa 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

Outboard Have Been in stock and shipping time short. Prices very fair for Yamaha outboard. so far Great to work with.

John Saunders 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

They have always had what I was looking for at a fair price. First go-to.

Michael Fitton 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“I had been looking at Yamaha motors for my 10′ inflatable boat about three months. I scoured the internet for reliable sellers. I saw all the scam sites and scam prices.

I read the horror stories from various reviews. Then I found marineoutboardsforsale.com

I don’t know about all the negative reviews here for Marine Outboard Motor. I read many of them. Still, I went ahead and ordered my outboard from them on May 21, 2020.

I’ll be very honest here. My motor was delivered May 26, 2020 (5 days later) without a hitch. The memorial day holiday held the delivery up a day. The motor was packaged very securely and protected very well in a heavy carton encased in form fitting styro encasement. I’ll say this about buying online. Read the reviews and take them with a grain of salt. There’s not a business in the world that is perfect. Same holds true with customers. Retailers are struggling like we are. They want us to be satisfied as much if not more than we want to be happy. So when buying online keep that in mind. Marineoutboardmotor.com is not a scam based on my experience. That of course is what I go by. I did research the web site with scambuster and other reliable fact checking sites. I could not find any reliable information that would lead me to think the site is a scam.

I did not have the need to use tech support or customer service. So I am unable to reliably comment on those areas. I did need to use the payment tab and that was a breeze. I already expressed my opinion on the shipping aspect. That could not have been better. The product I received is as I expected. A brand new reliable motor. What more could I ask for? Coupled with free shipping made this a win win.

One last item is this. marineoutboardsforsale was not the least expensive site I found.  They did have the most reliable information available.  So, I am confident I made the right choice.

That being said I think it’s important to share a positive experience and with potential buyers of any higher priced product. Do your homework and you will be as happy as I am.”

Richard Holland 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“I found the kicker motor I wanted for my boat.  I called and talked to Marine Outboard For Sale in the phone to ask some questions about delivery ect.  They answered all my questions,  I purchased the motor and had it delivered in two weeks.   My overall experience could not have been better.  I would definitely use them again.”

John Webster 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“Ordered a new Honda outboard and New motor in the original box arrived very quickly. No idea what un-happy people are talking about. I would buy from them again.”

Ryan LaConture 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“Marine Outboard For Sale performed exactly as promised. I found out about them from a friend who had ordered an outboard from them. Cheapest price and delivered to your door. I ordered an Tohatsu 20 hp electric start and I am very pleased with my purchase (May 2019) and with Marine Outboard Motor. Cheapest price and free delivery, what more do you need?”

Ed Parker 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“I ordered a Suzuki 40hp outboard from them on my Wire Transfer and it was declined by them and they emailed me back to recharge to a DIFFERENT company and or person because (according to them) to avoid there expensive Wire Transfer fee’s… I’m like, ya right…..”

Robert Pietkiewicz 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“Ordered new Merc. engine thru this company April 2020.  Marine Outboard For Sale kept in touch with day by day shipping details as it crossed the U.S.  Got a call & text before it arrived.  Arrived FedEx with drop gate and pallet jack – Perfect.  The only gripe, the dealer included new fuel tank w/hose and fittings and a quart of oil…  So you can see, it’s no grip at all.   So, yeah, this is my go-to company for my next outboard….”

Steve 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“I happened to come across a review where someone was saying marineoutboardsforsale.com was a rip-off. I googled to see if I could find anymore complaints (I couldn’t find one) about them because I’m about to use them again if they have jet drives. I just wanted to go on record as saying that every part of my experience with them was excellent. From the price to the order thru delivery, there is not one thing I thought they could do better. Now if I could click the order button and 1 second later the outboard would be on my boat and ready to go, then I’d stand corrected.”

Owen 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

“I ordered my Suzuki 25 hp during primetime spring,  there was an issue with them receiving a couple of damaged crates on their end. They reordered and it took an extra 5 days. I had them switch out tanks going from a 6 gal to a 3 gallon and adding another item. All went smooth. The price was lowered after a promo and Albert worked with me and split the cost. ( He did not have to do that , but did.) Stellar service on his part!!!)  He was great to work with.  He wanted to make me a happy customer and he did.  I would buy from these guys in a heart beat.”

Pete J 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

My first purchase from marineoutboardsforsale.com was around 2018 when I was trying to source outboard motor for my Evinrude 90hp. That first experience was not good as I received the incorrect outboard motor which turned out to be due to the item having the wrong marineoutboardsforsale.com outboard motor applied to it. This outboard motor was returned and the correct part eventually sent, albeit after a considerable delay, me being resident in Australia.
Subsequent purchases came without any problems and I have also continued to use marineoutboardsforsale.com for service items for my Yamaha F70, the replacement for the ageing Evinrude.
I would recommend marineoutboardsforsale.com

Scott Buker 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

I have ordered many outboard motor from here. Shipping has been fine, and the prices are usually better than other places. I’m a happy customer!

John Saunders 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

They have always had what I was looking for at a fair price. Reasonable shipping. First go-to.

LMS 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

I run a small marine business and these guys have taken care of me very well. The prices are very reasonable and the shipping has always been very quick for me, even to New England.

Mike 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

always good products and prices

HLoso and SChimmer 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

I’ve always been happy with my purchases from marineoutboardsforsale.com and will continue using them. Great selection, quick shipping, reasonable prices.

Luis Acevedo 5 stars: Excellent Verified Customers

I buy all my outboard motor from marineoutboardsforsale.com
Always has competitive prices and shipping
is most of the time free.

Experience the Marine Outboard For Sale Difference!