Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak


Stand out and stand up, on the Vibe Cubera 120; a unique all-grip, no-slip, unsinkable fish-catching platform that outperforms and delivers unrivaled sight-fishing and access to either ultra-shallow shoreline waters or the deepest ocean spots. Compatible with the optional 4-position super-comfort Vibe Summit Seat and Base – and when paired with the optional Summit Perch it delivers you an additional 16 inches above the water, whether seated or standing.

With the Cubera, you’ll notice Vibe’s signature superior balance and stability with every cast, crest, gust, and current.  No other fishing kayak allows you to get so high above the waterline, nor gives you as much open deck customization, for unmatched casting precision and rigging opportunities.

Stand out and stand up, with the Vibe Cubera 120.

Take it a step further and easily motorize your Vibe Cubera 120 SUP with the Bixpy Outboard Kit. We suggest using the Bixpy motor on your Cubera with both the Power Pole adapter and Pole Steering Bracket.


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